Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Home sweet second home...

Well we are all moved into our California home.  We are officially home owners in California.  This is both an exciting and proud moment for us.  When Rob first started his company in Cali, we would day dream about owning a home by the beach and living there in the springs.  And our little day dream has come true, minus the beach, lol.  Stockton isn't the nicest city, but there is something about it that feels like home.  But it is a reminder that no dream is to big.  If you want it, visualize it.  You will be shocked at what can happen.

I packed our rental in about a few hours and we had it all moved with in twelve.  A record I think.  I slept so well that first night.  No strange noises or bad juju energy.  It felt comfortable, safe and like home.  The nice thing about this house is that it needs barely any work.  Just some personal touches and it will be perfect.  

I can't wait to get back and start decorating.  My pinterest board is on fire!

Stay tuned!

upstairs bath.

Master bedroom
upstairs hallway

Living room
Max finally has his own closet.
My first piece of art.  I purchased this when I was 18 at a gallery.  Had no idea
what I was doing, or spending.  But this piece spoke to me.  I'm so glad I have
lugged it around for almost 20 years.

Front patio.  Needs work.

Some nicknack I have started collecting
The nook. I've always wanted a nook.  We have our coffee here every morning.

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