Wednesday, October 2, 2013


You know me, I am a sucker for a booty.  It was a sweet moment where after a bath Max grabbed the ipad to put it on his stool.  At this moment he was quiet.  He was content, and he was sweet.  A far different person then who he was earlier that day.

I guess this is it.  The dreaded terrible twos.  It has reared its ugly head a few times this year, but just as I thought I couldn't bear it any more, his little sweetness would return and all would be forgotten.

However, recently it feels like these terrible twos are here to stay.  Man is he testing my patience.  It's really the screaming that makes me crack.  The deep throaty scream.  The one you know is not caused from pain but from just being pissed off.  Pissed that I didn't get him milk, or pissed that he has to take a nap.  Or pissed that we have to put a coat on.  It instantly brings me to my knees.  I want to run. Far, far away.  Not so much when we are in the privacy of our home.  I can run to my room or send him to his.  It's the public display of hatred that kills me.  The looks.  The sighs.  I just smile and lower my head.  I wonder if you can tell that I am plotting my escape.

I know, or hope rather that this time will pass.  And sooner than later I hope.  I tell you, it sure puts a damper on wanting to procreate again.  Birth control at its finest.

But as I look at this picture now I am reminded at how much I love this monster.


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