Thursday, August 28, 2014

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I am currently needing to find some mojo. Some self care, some inspiration.  Do you ever see people around you that seem so inspired by life, or doing things with their life that seem important? I see myself as, (I read this some where)  "lead butt wiper".  That's me. That is what I do.  I could class it up a bit to "Champion Butt Wiper", or Supreme B.W."  But lets be clear.  It is what it is.   Now if you read this blog you must know I am a bit self deprecating.  In the fun way of course.   And I do realize the huge importance that butt wiping offers.  I mean who wants an itchy, smelly bum?  But I guess lately I sort of, well want a comma after LBW.  You know, like philanthropist, artist or LEADER. heh. You feel me?

Child rearing is important.  I get that.  And I know that no job I will do will be greater.  I am not trying to minimize the greatness of us mamas.  But alone at night, while I scroll Pinterest, I have the want for little more.  
Who knows what that will entail. But the fire is lit.  Ok so maybe not completely lit.  But there is definitely smoke.  Small puffs of smoke.

Wow, that was a rant.  Geesh.  So I am missing-clearly my sanity. lol.  But seriously, I am missing my hubby.  He is back in California and has been there for 12 days.  Too long.  Being a single mom is not joke.  Max totally misses him too.  Family is best reunited.

I am reading Letters to my Daughter. By Maya Angelou.  Very good.  Short stories.  Poignant and thought provoking.  And I like that the stories are small.  I can read a few a night and be done.  

I am hoping that I find a little clarity.  I feel I have been doing a little soul searching.  Wondering if people change or do I?  Do I wait for something to happen, or do I make it happen.  Max I think is hoping for more toys. Race cars in particular.

I have been playing a LOT in Max's room.  After he turned three he has shifted a bit.  He cries when I leave him at school or with a sitter.  He always wants me at his heels to see what he is doing or watching.  My little independent monster now needs his mama more.  Not sure why, but I hear it is pretty common for little boys.  I've been playing with my camera more, and even took a small one on one class.  Was very cool.

Little Gym

Mama Fail.  Yes the ice cream is in the fridge. Oops.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Babies babies babies...

Sweet Audrey had her debut this weekend.  A special party was thrown for her and her mama.  A Sip and See.  Have you heard of that before?  I hadn't, but what a fantastic idea.  So instead of a baby shower some more prefer a Sip and See. Where cocktails can be consumed and the baby can be fawned over.  I think this is more common with a second baby, but I can see a lot of first time mamas opting for this too.

Us ladies laughed, had wonderful Prosecco and tasty treats.  The weather was fantastic and all was well in the world.

With all these lovely babies and bellies around me, some have asked if it has been hard for me.  And I can say thankfully it hasn't been too bad.  The hubby and I have been trying with all our might ;) to have another baby (9 months now) and it just hasn't happened.  But I haven't lost faith, and actually seeing these mamas and babies just strengthens it.  Since it hasn't been a year yet of trying some have said not to worry.  Easier said then done.  9 months feels like forever.  I have started going to acupuncture-you know to help, somehow.  But with every cycle that comes I am a little defeated.  But to combat that defeat, I stuff my face with delicious white carbs and sugar.  Silver lining right.

But I can't be more thrilled for my ladies who have all this joy in their life.  Motherhood is so wonderful and should always be celebrated with a wonderful party!

Yes I used this at another shower, don't judge lol 

big kids made an appearance later in the party, just in
time for dessert!

Why I love my neighborhood...#345

Seriously, this neighborhood keeps getting better and better.  We have lived here now for 8 years.   During that time this area has transformed.  Historians called Pioneer Square the Skid Row of Seattle.  Where poor choices were made, and debauchery was encouraged.  Pioneer Square held this reputation for a long time.  I can recall many a story of myself as a young 21 or 31 year old making those same bad decisions.  But in the last few years we have seem more condos being built and old smelly bars (I used to frequent) being "refurbished".  

And then this little gem popped up.  Our own fancy neighborhood market.  Filled with hipster trinkets, good cheese and wine.   This is how I know Pioneer has really turned a corner.  The other only store is called Saveway, which we loving call "crackmart".  It is the type of establishment that sells chicken wings, by the wing.  A great store in a pinch, but you never knew what you would run up against.  So this place is a super nice change.  So clean, and fancy.
However, as happy as I am with all the change, crackmart will always hold a special place in my heart, but perhaps just in the daylight.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

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searching, wearing, needing, moving, eating 

I am currently searching for a rock to climb under.  A tad bit dramatic I realize but it was the first thing I thought of.  Max is super challenging right now.  The battles are constant and about everything.  He loves to express what he DOES NOT WANT.  Or what he doesn't want me to say, sing, cook, move, what have you.  The attitude on this child is big.  At first, when I could tell that this new found resistance wasn't going to leave, we would just fight.  Yelling back and forth.  Then I tried being a grown up.  I realized he wasn't going to change or grow up any time soon so it was up to me to do the changing.  Which is hard for me.  Or I suppose any 37 year old woman.  Now when he freaks, I  try and keep calm.  Tell him I don't like the way he is talking to me and walk away.  Slowly unclenching my teeth.  I am certain Max is searching for ways to kill his mama.

Max loves being nekked.  And for the most part I let him.  The hubby isn't a real fan, as Max likes to seat bare bottom on all the furniture, lol.  I am wearing what ever conceals me the best.

I am needing a mental break.  I was trying to explain this to someone recently.  It is not the break a few hours can give or a night away.  Its a break from planning, stressing, organizing, worrying and life.  You know, the stuff you can never get a break from, and deep down inside, would hate if you did. Max is needing to watch YouTube all the time.  What is it about that? Max is obsessed with watching others play with hot wheels.  And how weird is it that people video themselves playing with them or their collections?  I mean these men are old!

Max is moving a mile a minute, except for the 5 minute spurts when is glued to the ipad watching old men play with their hot wheel collection. I am not moving fast enough. I may be a tad bit depressed or something.  My energy is so low and my anxiety is too high.

Max is so picky these days and it is also a fight trying to find an "acceptable meal? I may be exaggerating a smidgen, but I feel it keeps up with the general tone of this post lol.  I am trying to eat healthier, but it is hard with such tasty food in this city.  Its every where.  Yummy restaurants every where you turn.  And lately Max is all about wanting to go to a restaurant I(for french fries).  And a hotel.  Spoiled?  Perhaps, lol.

Forcing Emo (auntie) to watch Youtube

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Camano Beach

Last weekend we decided to get outta town. You know sometimes you just get that itch.  It's been gorgeous in Seattle, so we knew we had limitless possibilities.  And we didn't want to go too far.

 My girlfriend is getting married in Camano Island next year so we decided to give it a look see.  I've heard so many good things about it and Camano Island is only about 90 minutes away.


Our first beach was littered with rocks and barnacles,
Max loved it.

Then we headed to Iverson spit which was more sandy
and perfect for us to lay out and relax.

Max found a log to ride

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Welcome baby

Last weekend I had the privilege to co-host my besties baby shower.  We will be
welcoming sweet Gemma in October and I can't wait.  

It's so incredible watching some one you know transform.  And now I get to 
watch her become a mother to this very lucky little girl.

We have been friends since high school.  Spending many of years in the bars lamenting about
stupid boys and dead end jobs. And now look at us. 
Now, commiserating about clueless husbands that we adore. 
but instead of the bars, 
we are drinking in our living rooms.
 Still just as fabulous!

Onto the next chapter!

 I love this journey!

20 years looks good on us
St. Gemma pendent

Salvador was dressed for the occasion

I was stuck in the bathroom.
There was a moment of panic!
surrounded by love
see me?
hand made sloth onesie

Her favorite book