Monday, August 4, 2014

we love visitors

 Our dear friends Sara and Grace came up for a visit to the Pacific Northwest.  Grace and Max have the exact same birthday and were born only hours apart.  I think they are some sort of universe kin.  It's cool to see two little ones exactly the same age.  How they act, the milestones they are achieving.  The difference between boy and girl, good and evil lol.  Since both are Cancers, both are moody.  I'd say Max more.  They took turns who would be more moody in the morning hours.  Who would shun kisses and who would welcome them.  These two were peas in a pod though. A cute little team.

With only a few days to spare, we got right on the tourist wagon.  I took them to Pike's Market, the Aquarium, Red Robin on the waterfront, on a ferry and to the beach.  We managed to pack all that into three nights.  And us mama's even sneaked in a date night as well.

nekked booties
morning snuggles when both were in a good mood
                                                       beach adventures
                                                        octo legs
aquarium touch pool 
Navy ship in from CA for fleet week.  Us mama's met
some boys in uniform that night.  Felt pretty good getting
hit on by some youngsters lol
was a cool treat to see the sailors lined up. Max loved it. We saw
a fighter jet on board.


  1. So cool that Max has a little friend exactly the same age! It will be so great to watch these two grow up together :)