Sunday, August 10, 2014

Welcome baby

Last weekend I had the privilege to co-host my besties baby shower.  We will be
welcoming sweet Gemma in October and I can't wait.  

It's so incredible watching some one you know transform.  And now I get to 
watch her become a mother to this very lucky little girl.

We have been friends since high school.  Spending many of years in the bars lamenting about
stupid boys and dead end jobs. And now look at us. 
Now, commiserating about clueless husbands that we adore. 
but instead of the bars, 
we are drinking in our living rooms.
 Still just as fabulous!

Onto the next chapter!

 I love this journey!

20 years looks good on us
St. Gemma pendent

Salvador was dressed for the occasion

I was stuck in the bathroom.
There was a moment of panic!
surrounded by love
see me?
hand made sloth onesie

Her favorite book

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