Thursday, August 14, 2014

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searching, wearing, needing, moving, eating 

I am currently searching for a rock to climb under.  A tad bit dramatic I realize but it was the first thing I thought of.  Max is super challenging right now.  The battles are constant and about everything.  He loves to express what he DOES NOT WANT.  Or what he doesn't want me to say, sing, cook, move, what have you.  The attitude on this child is big.  At first, when I could tell that this new found resistance wasn't going to leave, we would just fight.  Yelling back and forth.  Then I tried being a grown up.  I realized he wasn't going to change or grow up any time soon so it was up to me to do the changing.  Which is hard for me.  Or I suppose any 37 year old woman.  Now when he freaks, I  try and keep calm.  Tell him I don't like the way he is talking to me and walk away.  Slowly unclenching my teeth.  I am certain Max is searching for ways to kill his mama.

Max loves being nekked.  And for the most part I let him.  The hubby isn't a real fan, as Max likes to seat bare bottom on all the furniture, lol.  I am wearing what ever conceals me the best.

I am needing a mental break.  I was trying to explain this to someone recently.  It is not the break a few hours can give or a night away.  Its a break from planning, stressing, organizing, worrying and life.  You know, the stuff you can never get a break from, and deep down inside, would hate if you did. Max is needing to watch YouTube all the time.  What is it about that? Max is obsessed with watching others play with hot wheels.  And how weird is it that people video themselves playing with them or their collections?  I mean these men are old!

Max is moving a mile a minute, except for the 5 minute spurts when is glued to the ipad watching old men play with their hot wheel collection. I am not moving fast enough. I may be a tad bit depressed or something.  My energy is so low and my anxiety is too high.

Max is so picky these days and it is also a fight trying to find an "acceptable meal? I may be exaggerating a smidgen, but I feel it keeps up with the general tone of this post lol.  I am trying to eat healthier, but it is hard with such tasty food in this city.  Its every where.  Yummy restaurants every where you turn.  And lately Max is all about wanting to go to a restaurant I(for french fries).  And a hotel.  Spoiled?  Perhaps, lol.

Forcing Emo (auntie) to watch Youtube


  1. I hope your mood lifts and your anxiety goes down. And that you find a way to get a rest from those thoughts.

    1. You are very sweet! I think some relief will come soon :)

  2. Sounds like you have a lot going on! I hope you get some time of relaxation soon!