Thursday, August 28, 2014

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I am currently needing to find some mojo. Some self care, some inspiration.  Do you ever see people around you that seem so inspired by life, or doing things with their life that seem important? I see myself as, (I read this some where)  "lead butt wiper".  That's me. That is what I do.  I could class it up a bit to "Champion Butt Wiper", or Supreme B.W."  But lets be clear.  It is what it is.   Now if you read this blog you must know I am a bit self deprecating.  In the fun way of course.   And I do realize the huge importance that butt wiping offers.  I mean who wants an itchy, smelly bum?  But I guess lately I sort of, well want a comma after LBW.  You know, like philanthropist, artist or LEADER. heh. You feel me?

Child rearing is important.  I get that.  And I know that no job I will do will be greater.  I am not trying to minimize the greatness of us mamas.  But alone at night, while I scroll Pinterest, I have the want for little more.  
Who knows what that will entail. But the fire is lit.  Ok so maybe not completely lit.  But there is definitely smoke.  Small puffs of smoke.

Wow, that was a rant.  Geesh.  So I am missing-clearly my sanity. lol.  But seriously, I am missing my hubby.  He is back in California and has been there for 12 days.  Too long.  Being a single mom is not joke.  Max totally misses him too.  Family is best reunited.

I am reading Letters to my Daughter. By Maya Angelou.  Very good.  Short stories.  Poignant and thought provoking.  And I like that the stories are small.  I can read a few a night and be done.  

I am hoping that I find a little clarity.  I feel I have been doing a little soul searching.  Wondering if people change or do I?  Do I wait for something to happen, or do I make it happen.  Max I think is hoping for more toys. Race cars in particular.

I have been playing a LOT in Max's room.  After he turned three he has shifted a bit.  He cries when I leave him at school or with a sitter.  He always wants me at his heels to see what he is doing or watching.  My little independent monster now needs his mama more.  Not sure why, but I hear it is pretty common for little boys.  I've been playing with my camera more, and even took a small one on one class.  Was very cool.

Little Gym

Mama Fail.  Yes the ice cream is in the fridge. Oops.

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  1. D'oh! Ice cream in the fridge.

    My two year old is a clingy little thing. It's very sweet, but can also be maddening.