Monday, August 25, 2014

Babies babies babies...

Sweet Audrey had her debut this weekend.  A special party was thrown for her and her mama.  A Sip and See.  Have you heard of that before?  I hadn't, but what a fantastic idea.  So instead of a baby shower some more prefer a Sip and See. Where cocktails can be consumed and the baby can be fawned over.  I think this is more common with a second baby, but I can see a lot of first time mamas opting for this too.

Us ladies laughed, had wonderful Prosecco and tasty treats.  The weather was fantastic and all was well in the world.

With all these lovely babies and bellies around me, some have asked if it has been hard for me.  And I can say thankfully it hasn't been too bad.  The hubby and I have been trying with all our might ;) to have another baby (9 months now) and it just hasn't happened.  But I haven't lost faith, and actually seeing these mamas and babies just strengthens it.  Since it hasn't been a year yet of trying some have said not to worry.  Easier said then done.  9 months feels like forever.  I have started going to acupuncture-you know to help, somehow.  But with every cycle that comes I am a little defeated.  But to combat that defeat, I stuff my face with delicious white carbs and sugar.  Silver lining right.

But I can't be more thrilled for my ladies who have all this joy in their life.  Motherhood is so wonderful and should always be celebrated with a wonderful party!

Yes I used this at another shower, don't judge lol 

big kids made an appearance later in the party, just in
time for dessert!

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