Friday, August 8, 2014

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This weeks themes... craving, cleaning, daydreaming, growing, reading 

This week I have been craving some yummy Korean food.  And not the fusion kind, although that has helped in a pinch.  I am craving me some down home cooking.  That sort of food that brings immediate comfort.  Max has been asking for peanut butter sandwiches. Which is always his go to food.  It is so cute when he asks for it. How can I say no.  Even if it is 9am.

I am always cleaning.  At least it feels that way.  I am not sure if I have always been this anal about it, but man, I feel like it is constant.  And things still just aren't ever clean enough.  I am trying to coax Max into this as well.  It doesn't always work.  Even if I threaten the amputation of his favorite appendage or toy.  Nope, not doing it.  Every once in awhile a sour patch kid will suffice, but it is few and far between.

I am daydreaming of being a new mama again.  What two little kiddos will look like.  How our family will change.  I am also daydreaming about what our family will be like if we don't expand, if we can't get preggo or.....whatever.

Max is growing and growing.  I swear he wakes up bigger and more capable.  My BFF is also growing.  She is due in October! 

Right now I am reading a lot about photography and trying to teach myself some new tricks.  Its hard because there is so much information out there.  I think a class is next on my agenda.  Max is still reading a ton of books about cars, trucks, and diggers.  Those are his favorite.  I try and throw in a book on sharing dinosaurs just to make him more well rounded.

nekked is best
Working at daddies office
A selfie, why not.


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  1. PB sandwiches are a breakfast staple in Kale's world!

    I'm so with you on the cleaning thing. I think it's because I'm on mat leave and in the house more and I can just see every little fleck of dirt. I clean like a mad woman and feel like I get NO WHERE. Ugh. I'm tempted to hire a cleaning company to get a good, deep clean done, but $$$$$$.

    Where is the chair with the naked bum on it from? I love them! The bum is cute too :O

    1. It's ikea actually. I really like it. It's very mid century/mad men style.