Friday, March 29, 2013

Beachy play date (older posts)

Usually every Tuesday my girlfriend and I meet up for a play date.  She is a nanny so we able to kill two birds with one snack cup.  Get a little friend time, while entertaining our monsters.  Today was marked to be sunny, but we were fooled once again by the tricky Seattle weather man.  Fun was still had though.  I of course brought my camera and my favorite lens, 1:8 and snapped away.

so stoic


his favorite thing is to throw rocks in the water
and lick them apparently

City Park (older post)

I mentioned in a post months back that Downtown Seattle was finally getting a kid friendly park.  That day has finally arrived.  I don't wanna be too Ho Hum about it, since it's our only park in the Downtown area, but it does leave a little to be desired.  There are only two structures for kiddos to climb on and they are more geared to older kids.  But you know what, its still a park and we love it.  It gives the little ones a place to run while mama sneaks in to Sephora for some much needed concealer!

such a city kid drinking his green juice

look, look



Seriously Gisele. I mean really.  Your second baby, maybe six months post-partum and you look like that?  No saddlebags, not cheesy thighs.  Are you serious!

It's no wonder some of us mamas feel so inadequate.  I have an almost two year old and I still am not satisfied with my body. But then again, have I ever been?  I am not sure if images like this motivate me or just make me want to eat cake?

And have your heard all the mean things they are saying about Kim Kardasian's pregnant body! Damn, as if it's not hard enough being pregnant and dealing with your ever changing body.  To have fashion critics judging every outfit you wear! DAMN.  And I don't even like Kim K, but I feel for that girl.  She does have great hair though, just saying.

What is it with this obsession on the perfect body?  Why cant we just enjoy that our thighs rub when we walk or that the fat under our arms swings to and fro?  I write this as I rub my tummy.   Ugh, I ate too much today!

Maybe that is just our cross to bear.

God knows us women don't have enough on our plate as is.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I found this on a tumblr feed I follow.  Pretty spot on don'tcha think.  
I'm not a huge drinker, but a nice bottle of wine, I mean glass of wine is nice sometimes.

a walk in the city

Pioneer Square, our hood is getting cooler and cooler by the day!  Max and I walk our neighborhood usually once a week.  There always seems to be new things to look at and enjoy.  I brought my camera today to snap a few pictures.

Smith Tower. Was at one time the tallest building in the West!

Little pit stop for a cookie.  How could we not when he asks so nicely.
 Peese, peese-cackie? (cookie)

peese, peese!

Stopped at the neighborhood toy store.
Max loves to take ALL the cars out and play with them.
He makes himself right at home too.

New local meat market opened up.  So cool!
Organic, grass fed beef!
nom nom!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Going to the Chapel!

My BFF got engaged last night! What a wonderful thing to witness.  

Here are some pictures of that night.  I of course, left my good camera at home and was stuck with my Iphone.  The restaurant was so dark that the pictures aren't great! But at least we have them and they will always remind us of that wonderful night!


Have I mentioned before that the Monster LOVES trucks.  All trucks. Especially the ones that light up and make loud noises.  So this weekend when I found out there would be a carnival up in Redmond WA. and a local firetruck would be there, I knew I had to bring Max.  It didn't disappoint. He was ooooooing and ahhhhing before we even parked the car.  I love seeing that level of excitement in his eyes.
We even got to do some arts and crafts

oddly he didn't want to go in the ambulance.   

serious business!


Ever have that awkward moment when you are at a cafe, or any where for that matter, and you realize that small brown smudge on your pants is indeed poo?

Yeah, that happened to me today!


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Currently {a link up}

Here we go again!
Go check out the host of this fun post.

Max is currently cleaning up NOTHING!  I am trying to teach him to put his books away after we read them.  Nope! He just drops them down and grabs another.  Too soon?  I guess.

I am currently cleaning up everything behind him.  I swear since having a child, my OCD has kicked in big time.  I am always striving for a clean home, or at least organized.  I think I organize and clean up his blocks before he is even done playing with them.  I have even found myself straightening up play areas that we go to.  Nuts?  Perhaps.

Max is planning on killing his mother by getting up at 5:30-6:00 AM every morning.  I am not sure what the deal is.  He is napping like crazy.  Maybe he is getting too much sleep?  What ever it is, I am getting real used to him climbing on my head while I continue to sleep.

I am planning our menu.  Have I mentioned that I have become some what consumed with eating the "right" foods lately?  Its those documentaries damn it.  Ignorance is bliss, but only up until it isn't.

Max is firmly planting his body on ground.  He will not budge if he doesn't want to.  If I need him to hold my hand and he doesn't feel like it, instantly he will throw his body to the ground.  I just stand there.....and wait.  If he doesn't want to wear his jacket, on the ground.  If he doesn't want to, well do anything he doesn't want to, you guessed it. Pavement time!

I am also planting a kick ass garden in my head.  I will be in sunny California in a few weeks and plan on replanting all my herbs.  I am also thinking of growing some peppers, tomatoes, and spinach.

Max hasn't really master skipping yet, or even running for that matter.  I however am still skipping my work outs.  BOOO!

Max is wearing clothes, thank god.  He is starting to tug at the diaper however.  I will catch a slight glimpse of butt cheeks and instantly run up to him and pull them up.  I so don't want him to learn how to take that diaper off.

I am wearing my boots, and skinny jeans more.  Trying to leave my jog/sweat pants for the night time.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

family time

The hubs and I try to spend one of our weekend days as a family doing family shiz.  Parks, museums, zoo's.  What evers, as long as we do it as a family.  I like this because the hubby doesn't always get to see Max in action.  This way he can join in the fun.  This weekend we went to the Zoo.  We rented a little wagon to make it fun for Max, and faster for us, cause damn toddlers walk slooooowwwww.  
He loved it!

Then off to Whole Foods for lunch and grocery shopping.  Dad insisted on gelato, which I didn't fight him on, however I did warn him on giving Max too much.  Of course he chose to tune me out.  Max was so hyper on sugar after it was like watching the Tasmanian Devil running through the store, screaming and yelling.  I just walked away and continued to shop.  
Hate to say it, "I told you so honey".

All in all, a great day in the "D" household! I sure love my boys!