Friday, March 29, 2013


Seriously Gisele. I mean really.  Your second baby, maybe six months post-partum and you look like that?  No saddlebags, not cheesy thighs.  Are you serious!

It's no wonder some of us mamas feel so inadequate.  I have an almost two year old and I still am not satisfied with my body. But then again, have I ever been?  I am not sure if images like this motivate me or just make me want to eat cake?

And have your heard all the mean things they are saying about Kim Kardasian's pregnant body! Damn, as if it's not hard enough being pregnant and dealing with your ever changing body.  To have fashion critics judging every outfit you wear! DAMN.  And I don't even like Kim K, but I feel for that girl.  She does have great hair though, just saying.

What is it with this obsession on the perfect body?  Why cant we just enjoy that our thighs rub when we walk or that the fat under our arms swings to and fro?  I write this as I rub my tummy.   Ugh, I ate too much today!

Maybe that is just our cross to bear.

God knows us women don't have enough on our plate as is.


  1. I think that every woman is beautiful as she is. Skinny is just a fashion.

  2. Ugh - I had the same reaction when I saw this pic while I was flipping through a mag in the grocery line this morning. I wish I had a body that bounced back from pregnancy like that! At the same time, she's probably put more work into it than I ever did (although I'm sure genes plays a big part too!). As for Kim K. - I agree that all the fat-shaming is ridiculous, but girl needs to embrace some yoga pants. She always looks incredibly uncomfortable in the outfits she's wearing.