Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Groundhogs day

Man it's feeling a lot like groundhogs day around here. Day after day, morning after morning. They are all starting to mesh together. I got to run, stretch, climb outta this comfort zone or I may lose my mind. The little I have left anyways. You know what they say, use it or lose it.

My days can't only be filled with play dates, and walks; although fun. I need some brain stimulating activities!

I think its time to dust off the ol' sewing machine again, and time to start making some things I've been "pinning" away for months.  What's the point of pinning all these great ideas if I don't actually create them.....

Gotta find my juju! It is March Madness after all.

I am also planning on getting off my butt and busting of move tomorrow! (which has put on about seven pounds since November).  Tomorrow I WILL workout!

Wish me luck, and hopefully the couch doesn't swallow me up again!



  1. I love this picture of you two! I've been meaning to break out my sewing machine and see if it even still works. Post what you make, and I'm sure I will be inspired!