Thursday, March 7, 2013

Currently {a link up}

This is how I know time flies....I swear I just did a "currently".  Like yesterday! The days fly!

This week from Harvesting Kale, the theme is... 

Eating, Drinking, Listening, Reading and Thinking.

Max is currently not eating meat.  He will only eat tofu.  Odd kid right? At least he is getting some protein. I however am eating everything in front of my face.  I got to get myself under control! I am however excited for this weekend.  We have a date night scheduled for Sunday at my favorite Italian joint.

Max is drinking a ton of milk.  I swear he almost goes through two gallons a week.  I checked with his pediatrician.  She said that is not too surprising.  Well ok then.  I am drinking a lot of wine and not enough water.  I think I need to switch those two around.

Max is listening to his mom bellyache about not working out or being more motivated.  I am sure he tunes me out.  I mean, I tune my own damn self out.  I am listening to all this great music that my bestie sends me on Spotify.

Max is currently reading Maddy the Moose (still), his truck book, Peek-a-Boo book and some sight and say book.  He is even saying the name before I can! Love that.  I am reading too much garbage.  Perez Hilton, and US magazine.  It's mind numbing to say the least, but it is my night time ritual, finishing it off with a little bit of Pinterest.

Max is thinking.....who knows what that boy thinks! He is all over the place and I love watching his little wheels turn.  I am thinking about getting creative, healthy and some vitamin D.  I am also thinking about spending some time with my girlfriends, and maybe getting a facial.  On the flip side, I am also thinking about trying to minimize my negative self talk and the under current of resentment that likes to rear its gnarly head.

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