Saturday, March 16, 2013

lil redneckin'

I love RV's. Not too sure why exactly, but I do indeed love them. I love looking at them. Opening all the drawers. Peeking into the bathrooms. I guess it
reminds me a little of my childhood and the fun I had my friends RV. It's a home on wheels, and I want one.

However, now is not the time. But it's fun to pretend. So we trucked it down South to Tacoma to go to the RV show. It was pretty fun minus the minor meltdowns from The monster. However all was fixed with a box of raisins and a lil Curious George. I thought he would of had a blast running in and out of the RV's. I was wrong. He only wanted to go in ones that drove and when it was time to leave, he would loose his shiz.

Thank god for Raisins. No seriously, they are magical humiliated grapes! And I heart them!

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