Sunday, March 3, 2013

A cabin in the woods

Our neighbors and we decided that a much needed weekend away was just what the doctor ordered.  Rob and I were growing intensely more and more irritated by the state of construction in our house and our neighbor's are in the process of buying a house (uber stressful).  So about a month ago we booked a cabin (house more like it) in the wood.  About an hour north of Seattle.

It was pretty great.  We bought tons of wine and beer.  Tons of junk food like cookies, Queso, chips, ice cream and candy.  Sausages for breakfast and steaks for dinner.  A very glutenous weekend indeed.  Our little monsters scampered all of the house, squealing with delight as us adults listened to Pandora guested it, Relaxed.

It was fantastic!


  1. Sounds absolutely wonderful - I'm pretty jealous! Xxx