Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Wine+horses=a good cause

    A few weekends ago I got an invite from my dear friend Leigh to attend a fund raiser for Madison Grove Farms 

What an awesome event and great organization.

Madison Grove: Welcome to Madison Grove, a small non-profit equestrian farm in Fall City, Washington, where compassion, laughter and healing are our priority! Our farm is a place that offers peace and rehabilitation to neglected/abused horses as well as struggling children and families. Together, with qualified volunteer staff, both the children and the horses can help each other heal through unconditional love, and unwavering trust and understanding.

So with hungry bellies and open wallets we arrived in Fall City to a beautifully organized event.  We were greeted by volunteers who handed out appetizers and raffle tickets.  First order of business was to buy a ring that lite up and sparkly like! Max loved it when I brought it home.  It entered us in a great way vacation of our choice.  Sadly, Leigh and I were not victorious. 

Leigh however was a champion in the wine toss event.  Where you threw beaded necklaces at bottles and if it landed around the bottle, the bottle was yours.  She won 5 bottles.  The record holder for the evening.  I didn't ask her why she was so good at Mardi Gras type beads.                                                                    I figured I'd leave that skeleton in the closet. lol!

The evening ended great! I think they wrangled in a lot of donations.  Their goal was to build a enclosed area for the horses and the trainers.  I sure hope they got close.

You could tell that real healing goes on here.
Check them out!

wine toss

a great band played
They auctioned off these beauties.  Our table got the oreo cake!

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