Thursday, September 19, 2013

Random things....

It's super hard trying to take pictures of a constantly moving toddler.  I still try though.  We were walking though Pioneer Square picking up some Pho to go.  My favorite wall must have!  We detoured to the alley way-which I love (and isn't creepy like some alley ways)

I snatched some pics as Max ran away.  Little stinker!

But at 27 months, he is growing by leaps and bounds.  He still jabbers on and on about what ever comes to his mind.  Usually he will take all the words he knows and jumbles them in one long sentence.  He looks at me so intently too when he is talking-like, you're getting this, right?

I usually just repeat what he is saying and he laughs.

He points out all the things he seems on the street.  Diggers, trains, plans, helicopters, bikes, cars, bugs-etc.  It's so cool to witness.

He still insists on snuggling every morning when he wakes, and sporadically through the day.  Cars is still his favorite movie, although he has moved on to Cars 2! This child is obsessed.

He is still enjoying school and now lets me leave with out any fuss at all.

And he absolutely loves Cake Cake.  His catch all for any type of sweets!


  1. These are really cute shots. It's basically impossible for me to get a picture of Kale these days that doesn't involve a hand in front of his face and a "no pictures!" demand. Sigh.