Thursday, September 12, 2013

Currently {a link up}

                                                                            Harvesting Kale

Currently Max is Needing to bring a bucket of cars every where he goes.  Its quite handy so I don't dissuade him.  Where ever we end up, he dumps out his trucks and cars and has at it.  Pretty sweet to watch actually.

Currently Max is Re-reading Good Night Moon.  I love this book so I am so glad he has a renewed interest in it.  I also recently bought him Good Night Ocean when I bought our membership to the Seattle Aquarium.  Now we can learn all about the under water critters.

Currently Max is Wearing some cute fall clothes.  Even thought the temps reached 90 degrees yesterday.  I guess I am excited for jean and boot season to start.  Max got his first pair of skinny jeans.  I heart them.

I am currently Picturing how I will decorate our new house in California!  I still haven't even seen this beauty! Can you imagine?  We go in a few days to finally see it.  I can't wait to get my Home Good shopping on.

We are currently Expecting a busy Fall and Winter.  California next week, NYC in October, Alaska
Family coming for Thanksgiving, and a family trip to Panama in January.  Holy Moly we are busy!

have cars, will travel

and more cars
at work with Dada.  Notice the car? Lol!

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  1. Yay for skinny jeans on little boys!! I'm excited to move Kale into his fall wardrobe - except he seems to grow out of things just as fast as I buy them these days.