Wednesday, August 22, 2012

We're packing up ship....

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Or at least I'd like to think so.  I am going to attempt to wean the monster off the boob.  Now I have heard horror stories about this process.  Late nights of crying and pleading.  I have also heard some promising news, that some kids just go with the flow and wean on their own.  Now knowing Max,  I am thinking it can go either way.

Last night I went into it strong.  I was going to deny Max his 2am snack.  Just on schedule the monster started to stir around 1:56am.  I laid in my bed, wondering what the next few minutes would entail.  I told myself that if he didn't put himself back to sleep in ten minutes I would go in and try to comfort hm.  Ten minutes came and went, and the crying/screaming continued.

I got outta bed.  Did a quick little stretch, and popped my neck side to side like you see the serious athletes do.

Deep breath.

I went in and he is standing in his crib, screaming, his face soaked in tears.  As he sees me getting closer his sobs turn into ma ma mama ma.  However, I do not wavier.  Strong like bull!  I pat and rub his back as he is standing in his crib.  He lays his head on my shoulder still crying and now soaking my shirt with his tears.

shhh shhh shhhh, I whisper.  I try to lay him down but he immediately arches his back and starts to wail.  UGH.  This is going to turn ugly, I can feel it.

We go around and around like this for about ten more minutes and I decide its time to walk away.  Back to my room I go.  Max continues to scream.  Now I know this scenario isn't unfamiliar to us parents, so I won't bore you will the constant state of grief I go through as I enter and leave his room a few more times.  Finally after 30 minutes of straight screaming, I break.  Not my finest hour, but damn it, I tried :).  I relented and gave up the boob.  Shockingly he nursed for about 5 minutes and passed out.  I however, went right to my iphone and googled sleep solutions.  As I drifted back to sleep, I had to wonder, am I doing the right thing? Maybe he is just hungry? I don't know. I will just continue to do what I feel is right and natural.

Tomorrow is a new day or night rather, and I will give it another attempt.  I know patience is key.  We will prevail!!!

Or maybe I will just nurse him forever?  Who knows.

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