Thursday, August 9, 2012

we're baaaaccck!

That felt like a whirlwind vacation.

This was Max's and I's first vacation alone.  I'm not gonna lie, I was a little stressed.  Mostly about the flight.  I've witnessed (pre-baby) the parents that look beat to shit.  You know the ones, the ones with mangled hair, blood shot eyes, with a little toddler clinging to the front seat, shaking it furiously. All the while screaming.

I've seen her, even judged her.  Now, on the other side, the dark side, I am faced with the same fate.  A screaming monster who would love nothing more than to run the aisle of the plane, and perhaps pound on the cockpit door.

Thankfully, the flight to Anchorage was smooth.  I had an extra seat that I was able to pin Max too.  Since he was in his car seat, he was none the wiser.  We watched a little Cailou, had some snacks and even took a little nap.

It was the flight home that was gonna put me to the test.  A full flight. A mama's worst nightmare.  And to add insult to injury was the grumpy man next to us with the look for disgust on his face. "GOD, NOT A TODDLER".  He was practically seething with it.  But to my surprise, Max was actually pretty good.  I knew if I acted stressed he would act stressed.  So I had my little mantra going.  Its all good, its all good.  And surprisingly it was.  He got a little fussy here and there and I had to man handle him a bit, but for the most part my monster was tame.

Headed to Anchorage

headed to Seattle.
You can see the fear in my eyes :)

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