Thursday, August 1, 2013

pin pin pinning

Finally I have gotten around to doing some crafty stuff!  

I am have been dying to get my hands on some spray paint, glitter and goo.

Project #1:
Got this stuff at Hobby Lobby. One of my favorite stores.  I realize I should 80.  shhhhh.
The metal sheets are super easy to work with and can be cut with kitchen shears.
Then I glued it to the frame, also at Hobby Lobby, but you could totally find it at Goodwill.  Let the glue sit over night and TADA!
A jewelry holder!!!

Project #2:
This one appeared easier than it actually was.  Visually it was hard to organize it on the wall.  It's a work in progress.
my pinterest inspiration
My photos.
 I ordered about 100 from SnapFish.
Was only about $25 with shipping.
Part of my wall.  Super blurry pic, but what can ya do :)
I wanna add more color frames and some art.  We will see.

Hopefully more will come! I love getting my craftiness on!

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  1. Amazing! I'm so jealous that you pulled off TWO projects this month. I'm making a comeback in August - I swear!