Wednesday, July 31, 2013

lil good in the neighborhood..

Last Tuesday I met up with a friend for a play date at a park. We were looking forward to going to this park because it had new spray/water feature recently added.  Perfect for this warm Seattle weather we have been having.  Once we arrived we realized there was a lunch program going on.  Free lunch? Awesome! Who turns down a free lunch right?

But who gives away a free lunch?  
United Way is who.

They created a summer program at this park to feed kids and teens who need a good, healthy lunch.  So many families have a hard time feeding their kids in the summer without the assistance of school programs, etc.  

I felt guilty in partaking in this free meal since we are fortunate to be able to feed our family, but I did vow to make a nice donation to the United Way. 
I think it was a good reminder for me to give thanks to agencies all around the country who try to make things a little easier on those who could really use the help.  So many of these organizations go unnoticed, and we don't realize all they do for the community.
I encourage you, if you are able to do a little research and donate your time, or money to a local charity.
I know we are going to.

A yummy lunch was served.  Sandwich, veggies,
apple slices, and milk

Max actually ate his pastrami sandwich!

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