Wednesday, July 24, 2013

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Max is currently reviewing all that is around him.  He is chatting up a storm and constantly, and I mean CONSTANTLY asking; mama, what dis? Mama, mama. Mama, mama!  I sort of want to pull my hair out.  But I guess you can't fault one for their persistence. It will pay off one day.

Max is currently wishing his mama was full of constant chatter.  He is always up for a good conversation.  He is also wishing he could see all the choo choo's in the world.  He is so intrigued by them.  Every time he hears one he stops, takes in a huge breath and shouts-Mama, Mama! Choo CHoo.  Followed up by chugga chugga chugga choo choo.

Max is currently eating a little more meat.  Since its BBQ season he has been open to taking bites of    hamburgers. I love that!  

The hubby and I are still trying to eat well and juice as much as possible.
I am currently eating too much.  As always.  It just brings me so much JOY!

Max is currenlty carrying all this toys to the car or for walks.  As if he will never seem them again.  I have to limit him to three.  It is pretty cute watching him trying to stack 8 cars in his arm.  And of course he doesn't want any assistance.

Max is currently running circles around us.  This energy has totally kicked up a notch.  He wakes up 
and he is off. Climbing all over the couch or what ever human or dog that is in his way.

cars in tow
yes, that is a water fountain

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