Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I hate heights

So on the monsters actually Birthday we decided to bring him to one of our  favorite places, Red Robin.  I know-a little cheesy but I have been eating here since I was like 15.  I even celebrated a  Birthday here before.  Gotta stick with tradition.  Plus, the Teriyaki Chicken Burger is BOMB!

So Max ate his corn dog and got a sundae and a Happy Birthday Song!
It was pretty cute.

Afterwards, the Hubby wanted to take Max to the Ferris Wheel.  I HATE heights.  Like hate them.  My  palms instantly get sweaty and I get super nauseous.  So, super smart mama, thought-what the hell, I will give it a whirl. No pun intended.

I wanted to vomit.  The whole 15 minute rotation I wanted to vomit the delicious teriyaki chicken burger I had just consumed.

I didn't boot, and I didn't push the emergency button either, both were very close to becoming a reality.

The good news, Max loved it!  
And I guess that is really all that mattered.

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