Tuesday, July 9, 2013

a walk about...

The great thing about this city is that its a great walking city.  Not too busy, not to crazy. Max and I usually venture out once or twice a week to explore the neighborhood.  Today we hit one of our favorite places, The Sculpture Park.  We love this park because it has a lot of different things to offer.  First, and most exciting for the Monster is the trains that come by.  I'd say a few come by every hour.  Max will stop everything he is doing and turn and face the train.  He usually waves and gasps with excitement. After it passes, Max will ask me, "where go".  I usually am stumped on something clever to say. So I just say something lame like, "bye bye".

Then we walk to the water.  It has great rocks for throwing.  I usually try to capture a lot of pictures at this spot.  It has a lot of drift wood and good lighting, so I am usually on my stomach trying to get that great shot of Max.

Then there is the trail that weaves between the bike path and the brush.  Max likes to look for bugs here.  He will usually kneel down and point to the little ant that passes by.  Its sort of cute to watch.  I just hope he doesn't grow up to collect gross, icky bugs that I might find in his room or pocket. 

taking a break

finding stones to throw
"Wha that?"

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