Monday, July 8, 2013

The Cougar Room

Oh, the Cougar Room.  Sounds a little silly dontcha think? Little silly, a little cheeky.
 What is this room you ask?  Well, it's where Barbie resides.  Barbie is a stuffed Cougar. And she lives at Vito's Restaurant.  The restaurant that Rob and Joey celebrated their Birthdays.  

It was a great time, and everyone who was able to come appeared to have a blast.  I could barely hear myself think the room was so loud.  Nothing better than having a party where everyone enjoys each others company.

The food also did not disappoint.  We order multiple dishes, all were phenomenal. We also cleaned the kitchen out of meatballs.

And you are never too old for cake!!.

Happy Birthday you two!

The Birthday Boys

"we did it" 
Group shot, and even Barbie made it in!

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