Thursday, July 25, 2013

a lil bit country...

I had the recent pleasure of attending a lovely wedding.  She is a sweet friend of mine and it took place two hours outside of Seattle at her Fathers lake front cabin. It was so sweet and perfect.  I just love weddings.  I love all the meanings wrapped up in that day, minus the stress of it all.  This couple did it right.  Help from friends and family made this day come together and the best quote of the night came from the bride when she said this wedding is "dripping in love".  
That it was.

And another bonus, I was able to turn this event into a girls weekend!  My bestie and I were able to hang and connect, which we had not been able to for some time.

We danced, drank too much sangria and danced some more.  A great evening! A perfect evening!

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