Thursday, July 11, 2013

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Max is trying to learn his manners, or rather Mama is trying to teach Max his manners.  Every time he asks for milk or a show I ask him..."how do we ask?".  He follows up with, Ask.  Then I say, "what do we say?", and he promptly says, Say.  Slowly he is grasping it.  He will still repeat every last word I say but usually by the third word he will say, pees.

Max is wearing some cute outfits lately. I went a little crazy at the GAP and OLD NAVY sales last week.  He is really looking like a little boy now.  I am wearing some new duds too.  Got some dresses that I wouldn't normally wear.  Putting myself out there a bit :)

Max is choosing to not leave the house with out a handful of cars.  He usually wants to take every car with him.  I have to limit it to three.  I am trying to choose my battles with my new two year old.  Lots of repeating myself, and trying not to bash by head into the wall.

Max is laughing all the time.  Its sort of a evil little laugh and I love it.   

Max still isn't tasting a lot of things, but he did eat some meat the other day! Made this Mama happy.  And he is starting to pick more at his veggies! Score!  I am trying to limit all that I am tasting.  I signed up for FitPal on my phone which calculates all my calories and exercise.  Sound dreadful?  It is.  But this way I can make use my input matched my output!

helping mama in the kitchen
playing in the park
fire shruck
a melt down because he didn't want to wear his floaters.

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