Thursday, July 25, 2013

and baby makes....five

A few weekends ago Max and I headed south to visit my dear friend Dawn and her new baby girl.  They recently left Bend, OR for Vancouver, WA which is great for me because they are that much closer now.  Only 2.5 hours rather than 7.  

Sweet Ava was just two weeks old when we arrived.  I had forgotten how hard a newborn can be.  All new and fragile.  Squishy and soft.  I was reminded at how crazy that time was for me when Max first arrived.  Not knowing what to do, but feeling that instinctual pull on how to care for him.  How stressed you could become just at them crying and how you wished they would just sleep for more than 3 hours.

Oh, and how it gets so much sweeter and better.  How you fall so much more in love with them as time passes even though you think it can't be possible.

It was great seeing their family grow and how everything must seems to fall into place.

Kaia, Ava and Gianna


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