Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I hate shots!

My poor lil Monster.  We had his 2 year check up (finally) and it of course involved a few shots.  Upon walking in to the hospital, Max was already a lil reluctant.  As I would be as well.  Nothing good really ever happens at the doctors.

I have to admit I was a tad embarrassed at the opposition and fit he threw, but I couldn't really blame him.  The doctor even asked me if, "he usually throws these sorts of tantrums".  And instead of providing her with a tongue lashing I just simply replied "yes....jealous?"

But I can report that Max is about 2'10, and 30 pounds.  He is looking good and healthy.  He is reaching all his milestones, talking up a storm and running a muck all over town.

We can't get enough of this lil Monster!

A tape measure for distraction.
Amazing what a mama carries in her magic purse.

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