Friday, December 2, 2011


Max is growing like a weed.  He is putting all sorts of things in his mouth and exploring.  He has even tried prunes, which he liked.  I am excited to see what else he will like.  I think he will be a good eater.  I can see the excitement in his face when I bring out his baby spoon.  Max isn't sitting up on his own yet, but he loves to be seated so he can see what is going on around him.  He bounces in his jumper with such excitement, its so fun to watch. And I think my most favorite, is he is just starting to reach up to me when I go to grab him.  I love that!

Sophie tastes good

on the Christmas carousel.  This made mama pretty dizzy. Not as fun as I remember :)

He loves to sleep with Chester.  I love seeing that.  He grabs on to him and holds on to him
through most of the night.

NAKKKED! I bet he will hate this picture when he is older



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