Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Currently { a link up}

On to our Wednesday link up from Harvesting Kale.  Do go check her out.  She's pretty funny!

Max is currently entertaining no body.  Harsh right.  Well truth hurts, bad.  He has had a bout of the terrible twos lately.  I am hoping this is not a preview of what is to come.  He seems miserable with all the crying and tantrums.  He may only be entertaining the on lookers who gawk at us as he flings his body on the ground.

Max is currently holding as many things as he can.  Kind of cute to watch.  He will grab all his cars at once and walk over to me with satisfaction in his eyes.  While I am simply holding on tightly to my sanity!

Max is currently building roads and bridges for his cars and trains.  He is still in love with ever thing car.

Max is currently smiling less right now, but when I do catch a glimpse of it, it makes my heart melt.  I am currently smiling at the prospect of buying a home in California.  Makes me giddy.  And the sun! That makes this mama smile!

Max and Mama are currently frowning more than we would like.  It feels like I am failing at what he is trying to communicate to me.  Why does he seems so grumpy, and dramatic.  I swear if I redirect him, its like I killed his dog.  There seems like little I can do to make him happy.  Its draining.  We do have our good moments and snuggle and giggle.  I just need those to happen more then they are right now.


  1. Hey there! I know those rough spots with a toddler are hard! We still go through them sometimes. Found you through the hop. Come check out my blog. :)

  2. Your blog is so cute and congrats on baby #2.