Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fall festivites

We returned home from the East coast last week.  A great three weeks were had, but I have to admit I was happy to return home.  To my own bed, my own stuff and a little more to do.  Vermont is cute and quaint, but damn is it remote.  You can kind of understand how some one like Misery Chastain was created, even if it was only fictional.

So while out East, we went to a pumpkin patch, played in a ton of leaves, ate a lot of pizza, toured a sugar shack, went to a cool water park, and visited a lot of general stores.

It was great seeing so much family that we rarely get to see.  We try to make it out once a year, but when you are surrounded by everyone, once a year doesn't seem like enough.

Well, till next year.

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