Wednesday, November 6, 2013

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Currently I am craving soda.  But of course I try not to drink soda so I don't keep any in the house.  So in times of desperation I either will drink water, or my other fall back, wine.  Tonight I am trying to just drink water.  Max is craving chicken.  Which is great because for a long time he wouldn't touch it.  That or any meat really.  Now he will eat chicken nuggets.  I usually get the tofu kind.  I know, weird, but at least I know its pretty healthy and he likes it. 

Currently I am waiting for my hubby to return home.  A lot of work has fell on his lap and he is off in California to tend to it.  The single mom gig is no joke.  I am already tired and it hasn't even been a week yet.
I could of gone, but I feel I need to settle a bit, we have been goin, goin, goin for a while now, and we have Panama coming up.  Max is currently waiting for more chocolate.  Even when he first wakes he asks for it.  This kid loves his candy.

Currently I am remembering nothing important.  I know, boring right.  Max is remembering a ton.  He is remembering his numbers, faces, locations, and prompts-like no hitting.  It's the little things.

Currently I am liking the Barre3 classes I have been taking. They are kicking my butt! In a good way.  I have been sore for over a week now. And they have childcare, AND Max actually likes it! YES!  Max has been liking his new potty we bought him.  He sits on it, however there is no action.  Baby steps though.  At least his hasn't refused it all together.  I am nervous about this whole potty situation, but I guess it is time.

Currently I have been cooking small things and nothing creative.  But this weekend I am having a ladies craft night where I will be making a warm corn and jalapeno dip.  Should be tasty! I am also looking forward to cooking Thanksgiving dinner.  We are hosting it this year and it should be fun! And yummy!

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  1. Kale is the KING of chocolate - LOVES it. I have no idea where he gets that from...errr....not me.....

    1. I think it may be hard wired in all of us to love it. No judgement :)