Sunday, November 10, 2013

whose the cutest ring bearer?

I am not gonna lie, I was a tad bit scared (terrified) when my SIL asked if Max would be the ring bearer in her wedding.  I had visions of him wailing down the aisle, inconsolable, causing a huge scene.  Not that he does this mind you, it was just my crazy vision.

But, to my surprise, he did great.  He did however race down the aisle nearly taking out the flower girl. Which of course would of been horrific. But the guests seem to really appreciate these miniature creatures coming down the aisle of the church.  It was if they had their own little paparazzi.

And can I just say, who doesn't look great in a tux. I may, just cause I can, dress him up in it monthly just so I can fawn over him.

At the wedding he could not be stopped.  He was the only child there, as it was an adult wedding, and we were outta-towners with no babysitters.  But he danced the night away.  All the young cute ladies gathered around him, egging him on.  It was stinkin cute.  He was a natural!

And the Bride and Groom! Beautiful!

Magic Max
bustin' a move


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