Monday, November 11, 2013


I feel like I leave out so much that Max is doing.
The small things that I will forget if I don't write it down.

So here we go-

*Max will be two and a half next month.  Oddly a lot of things open up when he hit this age.  More indepenedent activities where mom doesn't need to be holding his hand. Yippie.

*Max is signed up to start gynmastics next week.

*Max absolutley loves preschool and tells me bye once we walk in.  Hurts the heart a little, but I am so happy he likes it and is flourishing there.  He even waves to his teachers.  I love that!

*Max is repeating everything we say now, minus the swear words, although I know that is coming to an end.

*We finally have a success in the potty!! Oh yeah!

*We are leaving for Panama mid January for a month!!!!

*Max asks to brush his teeth now.  He simplys says, "toothpaste, toothpaste".  Which is honestly the only reason he will brush his teeth.

*Max still constantly asks for snuggles.  Which I never grow tired of, unless it's when I'm cooking or have my hands full.  But I still try and stop what I am doing to snuggle.

*Max loves to run, and usually will say, "racing".  I think he thinks he is a race car.

*At night lately we have been saying good bye to the things we say during the day.  Bye bye fire truck, Bye bye leaves, Bye bye Dadda. etc.  Freakin' cute!


  1. Oh my gosh, he will love gymnastics! Dane was the only boy in his class, but he didn't notice, he just loved getting to jump on the trampoline and climb over stuff.

    Panama for a whole month? Vacation?

    1. Max is the only boy in his class too. He didn't seem to care :). Yes, Panama. I will write on it later but it has always been on my bucket list!