Tuesday, November 19, 2013

To potty or not to potty

So I have been dreading this day, milestone, what ever you want to call it.  I mean, what a concept, teaching some one to pee.  Why would anyone want to pee in a potty when you can so easily go in your diaper.  You don't have to stop what your doing, eating or sleeping.  You just go.  The freedom you have.  So I thought teaching this concept to my dear child would be some what "challenging".

I didn't really read much on it.  And I know there are hundreds of books.  I just decided to read the cliff notes.  Here is what I gathered.
  • Don't rush them
  • Let them buy their own underpants
  • buy a potty
  • and bribe, bribe, bribe.
Alright, got it.  So first, we read books on how big boys go pee in the potty.  He seemed interested. However he seemed more interested in the Cars that were on the characters underpants more so than the actually peeing. .  What ever, right?

And then I got him the potty.  It was Mickey Mouse and at the time, for that month, he loved Mickey Mouse.  I showed it to him, we talked about it and then.....the talk about how you get a lovely piece of chocolate (mini chocolate M&M) if you go pee pee in the potty.  Well my boy is very motivated by candy so this was looking good.

First day.  A success! He did it.  I couldn't believe it! This guys actually sat down and did it.  I was pretty proud of myself...well and him too :)

So now is just the follow through.  When we get home from our day out, we strip off the diaper, throw on some Cars underpants and see what happens.  A few accidents have occurred and I know there are to come, but I am super happy that my lil monster is checking off another milestone!

how cute is that rump?
It't a party in the potty!

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