Tuesday, December 4, 2012


It is almost daily that the monster does something that makes me laugh or sigh in delight.  The other day while I washing dishes I turned around to see Max sitting comfortably in the Tupperware drawer.  Now, maybe he is like his mama and has the same love of Tupperware that I do, but please child.  We don't sit on the Tupperware.  We are civilized folk.

I've heard that from 1-2 years your child will change so much and almost daily.  Isn't that the damn truth.  Max is changing at super sonic speed.  I keep having to tell myself to enjoy the moment because far to soon, it will be gone.  I tell my hubby that too.  I've said, now might be hard or trying but soon, sooner than we want, he will come home from school, go straight to his room and slam the door.  Wanting nothing to do with his uncool parents, well semi-uncool parents.

I try to treasure these moments. Breathe them in. I even imagine/daydream telling him about these moments when he is a father himself. Him sitting in the drawer, playing quietly with his cars, or running a muck in the grocery store. The best of times!

I have found nothing greater than being Max's mama.

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