Saturday, December 29, 2012

Resolutions? Anyone????

Have you ever made a resolution and achieved them?  Ya, me either.  Maybe that is why I get the dirty look when I ask others what their New Years resolutions are.

"phish, I don't do those"
"resolutions are for dummies"

Well, even though I haven't been successful, I am still optimistic.  However, I have changed the game a tad.  Instead of having my resolutions be about removing something from my life, I instead make it more about what I will be adding.

It's more like a bucket list for 2013.

I am still mulling over what this list will look like but I know a few that stand out.

      *Travel internationally.
      * Redo my bedroom.  Creating a relaxing oasis.
      *To a great, present parent!
*Be Fabulous.

SO, not too long of a list just yet, but it is a start.  

2013 is gonna ROCK!

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