Monday, May 21, 2012


This past weekend we headed down to Southern California to visit some friends, The Case's.  It is interesting comparing So. Cal. to Northern California.  I haven't decided which I like better.  So Cal definitely is "more" California.  More palm trees, more moisture in the air, but also more congestion.  I think I like them both equally, but for different reasons.

On our weekend trip we did a lot of different things.  We went on a field trip with Dylan's class to visit a Wolf sanctuary.  It was cool to see them close up.  Then we went into the town of Julian, which is know for its pies. Very tasty.  I was also able to throw in an antique store as well.

look at that face!

Then it was off to the beach. We headed to Manhattan Beach.  Rob nor I had been before so it was a great opportunity to check it out.  We ate fish taco's at Wahoo's and then headed to the sand.

at Wahoo's.  "No salt please, just lime"

Dylan, Liam, Max and I

On our last day, we hug around the neighborhood.  Played with some toys and hit the pool.

Liam and Max. I love Max's face is this picture

lil sunblock


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