Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ten Months

Man, my little man is just getting quicker and quicker.  And of course he doesn't want to pose for any pictures.  Getting these few pictures we quite the challenge.  I try and bribe him with toys, food, songs.  It works for only a minute.  Maybe I will try money next time.  Who doesn't want money???

Anyways, Max is ever evolving.  He chats up a storms, loves when you sing to him, and loves when dad plays guitar.  Its super cute to watch.  I think we might have a little musician in making.  He is also getting really comfortable in the water.  He even puts his little face in the water up to his nose.  Watching him hold his breath is so darling.  Maybe he will be the next Michael Phelps?  Its crazy thinking who he might turn in to.  My sweet little boy.  The world is his oyster!! I just hope he isn't too influenced by Stockton?? Next thing you know, he'll be sporting a dropped 1980's Impala with 26" rims.  A mothers worse nightmare? Perhaps.

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