Tuesday, May 1, 2012

crafty pants

So it seems lately I am obsessed with crafting.  I am always thinking and plotting things I want to create.  It helps being in California because we have more room for me to spread out and "create" things.  I brought my sewing machine with me and vowed to myself that I would put it to use.  I can also blame/thank pinterest for fueling my obsession.  I am on that site every day getting inspired to cook, paint, sew and craft.

Here are some things I've done......

curtains (before)
I sewed these.  I like the pattern, Rob...not such a fan. Said
they reminded him of Charlie Brown. What does he know :)

planted some herbs, and used chalk board paint to label them.
bought a dresser on craigslist to paint (before)
I sanded it down and spray painted it yellow.
Actually the color is called Straw Flower.

I am looking forward to doing more.  I have more plans for the bedroom where I will be adding more yellow to pull the dresser and curtains together.  I also plan on making more curtains for the living room area. 

I've also made and canned some strawberry jam, and made some honey strawberry butter~tasty

Love it, Love it, Love it.

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