Monday, September 15, 2014

till we meet again summer....

Summer is offically starting to fade, and like most summers I look at back to see what adventures we had.

We arrived back in Seattle around the first of July where we celebrated Max's Third Birthday.  Birthday parties are always a good time and this time we ventured out and had it some where rather than a house.  Two thumbs up for that brillant idea.  No planning or clean up for this mama, and I was even able to enjoy a beer while the kids ran a muck.  Perfection!

Then, it was time to see my sister off.  She moved back to Anchorage after spending four years in Seattle.  It was so great having her so close and it was sad to see her go.  But upward and onward, right.  She is having a blast back in AK.  And I couldn't be happier for her.

Rob and I celebrated our 9 year wedding anniversary.  A lot of reminisincing and talking about the future.  How we got to this place and how lucky we truly are.

Sweet Audrey made her entrance this month too.  Love me some babies.

Our dear friends from California came to visit us as well.  Max and Gracie's are two peas.

In August we attended two baby showers that I got to host and co-host.  That was awesome! I love the excitement surround new babies.  New life, and new chapters.

My older sister came in for a whirlwind day visit.  It was great for Max and I to have her all to ourselves.

We did a day trip to Camamo Island, which was a first and was lovely.

Hit up Alki beach, A lot!  Traveled to Vancouver WA to visit some friends 

And the hubby and I had some lovely date nights scattered through the months.

I am always shocked at how fast it all goes.  
And now we welcome fall, my favorite time of year.  Crisp, sunny days, hot coffee and long walks.  

See you next year Summer!

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