Sunday, September 18, 2011

We left our hearts in San Francisco

Merry and Jeff came down to California for an extended weekend and we were so happy to show them around.  Our first stop on our adventure was San Fran!

I booked our hotel from Expedia because it was near Union Square, which I knew was safe.  What I didn't know, was although we were indeed close to Union Square, we were right on the fringes of the Tenderloin.  Which by its name alone indicates some sketchiness.  It turned out fine and pretty central.  We had a great time.

Comfy bed
The whole family came to San Fran

Jeff and Merry in Union Square


ding ding

On our adventure we went to Max's for lunch.  It was a cute little diner, where we all ate a little too much.  Can you see the fourth person in the booth?

Then it was off to the Golden Gate Bridge.  We were hoping the fog would burn off, but it didnt.  Clearly I was dressed for warmer weather.  I was freezing.

Tour guide Defraia


Part two of San Fran coming up next......

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