Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

You got to love this California weather.  Today, October 22nd, it was 85 degrees.  I have to admit, the weather, the sun, and all the fun things to do in California is appealing, and I can see why so many live here.  But it would never been fun ENOUGH with out my friends around.

The pumpkin patch was great.  It was my first time every going to one.  It will definitely have to become a tradition.  We ate pumpkin pie, rode trains and tractors, and picked our own cool pumpkins.  Here are some  pictures, and by some, I mean a LOT!

Max and his buddy Colton

yum, pumpkin pie....

no, I don't wanna share!

where's Maxwell?

Oh there he is!

Pumpkins for days

Dad, I like this one!

Tractor fun

Chester wanted to "hang out"

The Stockton crew

almost there...

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