Sunday, November 6, 2011

4 Months

Here we go again.  A monthly update on Maxwell.  He is now Four Months old. Time, it flies.
Max is huge, at least in my eyes. This week he will have his check up so I will know for sure how much he weighs. I am gonna guess 20 pounds.  He is doing wonderful things.  He rolls over onto his tummy, which he now seems to prefer.  He is taking to sleeping in his crib, and giving mom 3 hours of sleep in a row, an hour more than he used to.  He is grasping things and holding them tightly.  He is also putting anything he can hold in his month.  This may be because I believe he is teething.  He continues to surprise us everyday.  Its amazing how you can love something SO much.

overalls are so freaking cute

I have a feeling I will love noodle soup

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