Sunday, February 12, 2012


Max seems to be changing at lightening speed.  He went in for his 7 month check up (with our new pediatrician, whom we really like), where he got caught up on his vaccines and was weighed.  He is now 22 pounds.

Since learning to crawl he has been no stop moving.  He loves to climb up...EVERYTHING. Especially mama.  He does get a little scared getting back on the ground once he has pulled his way up, but he is learning. His two little bottom teeth are still making their way out, and are so stinkin' cute. And lastly, he is constantly babbling, da da.  I know it isn't really directed towards daddy, but I gotta admit, I am a little jealous is isn't ma ma.

He is loving being in the cart


holding his own bottle

check it out!

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