Sunday, March 4, 2012

8 months

Picture taking is no longer what it was.  I used to take pictures at ease.  I was able to take numerous shots to make sure I found the perfect setting, light, pose.  That has all changed.  Although Max being 8 months has been a blast.  Taking his picture is no longer a carefree process.  These were the only pictures worth keeping.  Most of the others were of him red faced, screaming at me.  Who knew taking pictures were so painful?  

However, like I said, this stage in Max's life has been super fun.  He is very busy exploring things.  He crawls everywhere and has a fondness for outlets.  He loves to stand up and will use most things as an anchor.  He is just starting to try to make the distance between one object to the next.  Although unsuccessfully, which is fine by me.  He continues to eat everything I put in front of him, and then some.
The only sad part right now is that he is teething and it is apparent that he is suffering from it.  He has a low grade fever, isn't sleeping well and at times becomes lethargic, which is so sad to see.  But during this time, he has been a cuddle bug, the only upside to teething.

such rosie cheeks. Another tell tell sign of teething.

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