Friday, August 26, 2011

Max is two months old!

It seems that Max is changing daily now that he has reached his 8 week mark.  He constantly sucks on his hand, not thumb, he likes to put all his fingers in his mouth.  He is also starting to make the cutest noises. (video coming soon).  Mama and Max play a cute little kissing game that he likes, it makes him laugh, which in turn melts my heart.

These past two months have been so truly amazing.  Nothing prepared me for these feelings.  I even cherish waking up with him at 4am, watching him watch me. And best of all is watching him fall back in to his peaceful dream state. I just stare at him, in awe that he is mine.

Friends and family keep telling him it only gets better, I can't even imagine :)

play time

Two Months!

Too handsome


monkey love

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