Monday, June 25, 2012

Back to Bend

The drive back and forth to Stockton is a drag.  It's about 15 hours long.  Thankfully we stop in Bend, Oregon for two night and recharge.  This also gives us a good chance to catch up with our friends the Ulvi's.  I have been friends with Dawn since we were about 13.  Thats a long ass time.  We have gotten into our fair share of trouble.  Those were some good ol' days.  We have also travelled the US via small car. It took us about a month and if two 21 year old girls can spend one whole month in a small car and still be friends, well that saying something.

She now has a great hubby and two beautiful little girls.  Its an interesting thing watching your friends become mothers.  Watching Dawn, who has amazing patience and affection for her family is inspiring.  Especially when that is the same girl I held up over a curb while she puked up her dirty rice and beans.....Oh New Orleans.  You will always be missed.

care for a jug of vodka?

The fam

beautiful art by Kaia

Kaia hard at work

a tour of the greenhouse

Dawn and I

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